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      • We are building the Restless Legs University (RLU)

        Hi Folks, if you or someone you know has a story regarding how The RLS-H Formula has helped you or changed your life we would like to hear about it. We are building the online university to help end restless legs and we need people's testimonies. Please email your story...

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      • Press Release

        Hi folks, this is our first note on the blog and hope for many, many more. Welcome to the online store, we have tried to put up as much information as possible to help you make a decision. We hope you enjoy listening to the recordings of actual people using...

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    Using Mirapex, Requip or Other Similar Drugs Please Read Below?

    If you are currently taking one of the pharmaceutical drugs prescribed for people with restless legs such as Requip, Mirapex or equivalent we have created 3 packages for you to choose from.

    From our experience about 40% of people who take these drugs typically require a period to allow the product to build up in their systems.

    To ensure your success in getting off these drugs and finding relief with The RLS-H Formula these packages include, an instructional manual (Get Off Mirapex & Requip Now), subscription to Restless Legs University (RLU) which includes online and phone support and.a large number of bottles. We recommend a large amount of bottles because in some cases The RLS-H Formula needs to be built up in your system before you can completely get off the drugs you're on.

    So, to be safe, we recommend one of the 3 packages we have made available for people like you.

    If you do get results immediately, the bottles have a shelf life of 3 years so you will have enough for a while and will not have to worry about reordering.

    You need to know - depending where you are located, shipping the product to you can take up to 20 days. Because of the nature of the product there are no over night delivery options available.

    Finally, no matter what you have heard, what you have been told or how you feel, you can find relief from your restless legs without taking drugs. Click on the orange play button below to hear how one person got off these drugs, tried everything else then finally found relief with The RLS-H Formula. There are more customer's stories in the testimonial section you can listen to.

    Click on the orange play button below to listen to a recording of an actual customer. Please make sure your sound is turned on.